Tips For New Puppy Owners.

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Tips For New Puppy Owners.

Remember when you brought your little one home? You were so eager to play with him. You couldn’t wait to feed him, pet him and walk him around. You were just so happy to focus on your daily chores. All you wanted to do was to be with him and make him understand that you are his family now so he can get comfortable in his new home. In case you haven’t experienced all of that but going to get a puppy soon. You will need some tips and tricks to take good care of your fur baby. Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here are some tips for new puppy owners..

1. Take responsibility for your new puppy

First things first, make sure every member of your family approves of getting a pet as the first few days will not be a cakewalk. Every member should be understanding and responsible for the well being of the new member of your family.

Make sure that everyone knows their duties well. Who will be the one to feed him, walk him, take him to the vet, etc. hence, in the future, you will be able to avoid many quarrels.

2. Prepare mentally

The utmost important thing to do before welcoming your pet is to prepare yourself and everyone in your family for the new ride. Taking care of a puppy is no less than taking care of a toddler. You’ll have to make sure he doesn’t chew anything which he is not supposed to chew. Initially, you will need to keep an eye on him every time he’s on his own as he doesn’t know his way around his new home yet.

3. Stock up his supplies

You don’t want to run to the pet store every other day. Note the basic things you will need for your pet and buy them before his arrival. Here are some things that will get you started:

  • Pet cerelac – get this straight, cerelac made for babies is completely different from the ones made for puppies. Many people feed their puppies cerelac made for infants and then later notice its side effects like some skin conditions, hair fall, etc.
  • Starter feed – a good diet is the key to a happy and healthy puppy. You can avoid many health conditions by starting a good starter feed.
  • Dry bath – if the puppy is less than 0-2.5 months in age, you’ll need to keep him away from water. Hence, dry bath comes in roll and cleans your puppy well without water.
  • Bowls and leash – you’ll need one water and one food bowl for your pup and a collar + leash to get him used to its feel. Make sure you’re gentle with the leash as he’s new to it.
  • Calcium bone + chewing toy – your pup will need something to chew on. It’s better to get him a chewing toy that letting him ruin your carpet or sofa.

4. Training your new puppy

Once your puppy is home and comfortable with you and your family, start training him slowly. Start with the potty training. You will need some pet wipes for that. If you want your pup to not go to certain spots in your house, for instance, your kitchen or your bed, then train him accordingly. It’s absolutely necessary to make him feel safe first. Don’t be too harsh to him. Remember, love and patience is the key.

5. Friendship and love

Pyaar dosti hai! And you need to keep up that dosti first. Your pup will want to be your best friend after he makes himself home. He would want to follow you every where you go. Of course he’s trying to save you from the evil, so never misunderstand that.

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