About Us


The Pet Arcade is the online version of the offline stores located in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Dehradun. You can find the stores easily by the name  ‘Reya’s Elite Pet Arcade’ and ‘Reya Pet Shop’. Our branches have gained immense popularity through the years. We take pride of the consumer’s trust that we have gained and are continuing to do so on the basis of our authenticity and comfortable environment.



Below are the address where you could visit us if you live in or near tri-city:

  • REYA’S ELITE PET ARCADE: City Centre, Quiet Office – 7, Opp. Khukhrain Bhawan, Sector 35/A,  Chandigarh, 160035
  • REYA PET SHOP: Sector 3, panchkula, Haryana, 134109 (inside Pet Medical Centre, Animal Hospital in Panchula)
  • REYA ENTERPRISES (WHOLESALE): plot no. 152, cabin no. 4, industrial area, phase 2,  Chandigarh, 160002


We provide every good or service related to your beloved pet. Whether you want to consult a veterinarian doctor or need your pet’s hair cut, we’ve got you covered. We have also got vast variety of  feed, medicine, supplements and every other product you could think of. In short, ‘pet shop, pet parlor and pet clinic’ is what defines us.



Sunit Rawat used to work at a private company and had a good knowledge about the veterinary medicines and the market. He was hard working and had vast experience about this field. He didn’t come from a rich background so he worked day and night to earn his living and support his family.

In 2004, he finally decided to become an entrepreneur. Having worked in the market for so many years is what gave him the confidence to do so. He invested every penny he and his family had to open a small wholesale store of veterinary medicines in Chandigarh and named it ‘Reya Enterprises’. It was not a cakewalk to start everything from scratch but it was all worth it. As the years went by, the wholesale store started gaining trust and popularity. It was now making its own place in the market. After many ups and downs, Sunit decided to run retail stores where he would keep every service under one roof. He opened the store in sector 8, Chandigarh but even after lot of efforts, dedication and investment, it was a complete failure. He lost the money but didn’t lose his spirit. He knew it would take time to recover and revive from the loss and then he would try again.

In 2012, he opened up a one stop shop in pet shop, pet parlor and pet clinic in sector 35, and got success. Slowly he invested in that store and hired one of the best veterinarian doctor in Chandigarh, Mr. Anuj Kumar. Along with working on his pet store in Panchkula and the wholesale store.



Today, Reya Enterprises holds a respectable position in the market. It’s fiercely competing with other similar businesses. It is a distributor and super-distributor of certain companies along with pushing its own retail stores to new heights. The company thrives for success and to become better in every possible aspect.